Worker Bee Credits – Membership Benefit Program

From: Paul Kusche


Before confusion abounds because we are approaching our Tuber Sale time, let’s make sure we understand the rules around the Worker Bee Credits. In 2022 the Board of Directors had to make some control decisions. At our February 2023 meeting we made some adjustments.

For the 2022 Tuber Sale we had over $2,000 in outstanding Paper Coupons and Credit Liability. We cleared all Worker Bee paper Coupon during the 2022 Tuber Sale. Paper Coupons are no longer valid.

Worker Bee Credits:

  • Valued at $5.00.

  • Good for Tubers only, not books, stakes, or other merchandise.

  • Maximum carry-over year to year is 10.

  • Can be transferred to another Member (only) by notifying the WB Coordinator (Allyn Arnold via email ( of the request and to whom. They will be tracked on the worksheet.

  • Family Members cannot create credit if the membership is for a Single Member.

  • Friends of Members do not create credit for Members (Individual or Families).

  • Earned from Bag & Tag through Quality Control.

    1. For the 2023 Tuber Sale the dates are April 16, 2022 – January 28, 2023

    2. For the 2024 Tuber Sale the date are April 14, 2023 – January 31, 2024