Members Fundraiser sale

Kitsap County Dahlia Society

Timeline – Online Annual Fund Raiser – Tuber Sale – 2023 

Feb 16 At Meeting – First call for Members list of Tubers – Email Request 

March 16 At Meeting – Final Member Preliminary Tuber list and Estimated Quantities received                                                                               

March 16 At Meeting – Gardens complete their selection (If they are not already completed).

April 1 – Email to Worker Bee Members ONLY advising of their early in person Sale Date at Free Grace Baptist.

April 1 – Email to All Members announcing the Online Tuber Sale Timeline,


April 1 – Email to all Past Purchasers the notice of the KCDS Fundraiser – Tuber Sale

                Post on Website Notice of KCDS Tuber Sale

                Post of Facebook Notice of KCDS Tuber Sale

                                On line order dates

                                Order Pickup at the Grange Dates and Times

                                Order Ship by Mail Option available


April 5- 6 – Tubers not in Inventory are added to the Master Database and Upload file.


April 7 & 8 – Good Friday & Easter Sunday


April 14 – Setup for Bag and Tag


April 14th 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm & 15th 9:00 am– 2:00 pm – Bag & Tag at Free Grace Baptist

                                Member Donations received


April 15 – Gardens will pull their Tubers for planting following completion of Bag & Tag.


April 17 – Setup for In Person Worker Bee Member Sale


April 20 – In Person Worker Bee Members ONLY – Tuber Sale – 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm


Cash and Checks only No Credit Cards

No Purchasing during Society Meeting


April 20 – KCDS Meeting 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


April 20– Complete Inventory after the Gardens selected and Worker Bee Members purchased their tubers.


April 21 – Final inventory entered into the upload file



April 21-23 – Turn on Ordering for all other Members

(Midnight April 21 – Midnight April 24)

           KCDS Other Member Orders entered online

           Additional Worker Bee Coupon Credit allowed – Balance Paid by Credit Card


April 25 – Print all Other Member Orders


April 24 – 27 (Midnight April 24 to 6:00 pm April 27)

Website opens and closes for Community Orders

                Orders placed by Item/Qty. with selected Pick up Time Slot or Mail Delivery

Pay with Credit Card including Shipping if Mail is selected – Order Confirmations Sent via email.


April 26 – Setup, Organize for Pick and Pack inside at Free Grace Baptist


April 27 – Print orders and Deliver to Free Grace Baptist Church by 4:00pm for Order Pick & Pack           

                   First order in first order picked and packed.

                   Member Staffed – Will be called for help


April 28 – Order Pick at the Free Baptist Church

                Pick all Other Member and Public Orders


April 29 – Order Pick up at Free Grace Baptist Church

9:00 am – 2:00pm

Staffed by Members


April 29 – Inventory, take down and store remaining inventory.


April 29 – May 5 – Orders packed & shipped for requested Online Mail Orders


April 29 – Assess remaining inventory and value of executing a post-sale Fund Raiser


May 3 – Board Meeting