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Paul’s List From January Meeting 2021- Presentation:


The following are related links of interest to dahlia growers:

American Dahlia Society    Here you will find the ADS classification guide, dahlia articles and links to all of the other dahlia societies.

Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers   A non profit horticultural society specializing in the growing and showing of dahlias.


Northwest Dahlia Organizations 

The  Washington State Dahlia Society   Tacoma, WA

Puget Sound Dahlia Association   Kenmore, WA

Snohomish County Dahlia Society   Snohomish County, WA

Vancouver Dahlia Society.   Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser Valley Dahlia Society    Fraser Valley, B.C.

Whatcom County Dahlia Society   Lynden, WA

Pacific Rim Dahlia Society    Victoria, B.C.


Informational Links

The Colorado Dahlia Society    “The Big List” a source for varieties and suppliers. The “Culture” tab features a collection of articles by their current and past members. This is an extensive resource and offers 94 pages of great info.

Dahlia Addict Great place to hunt for dahlias and suppliers who carry them.

University of Nebraska    Propagation, culture, diseases, and insects of dahlias are covered here.

Dutch Dahlia growing    How to grow dahlias with a brief introduction to their origin.

University of Minnesota   Growing dahlias

Virus Diseases of Dahlias   You will find valuable information, images and resources regarding dahlia viruses and diseases.

Simply Soil Testing    A great soil testing company out of Burlington, WA. Several of our members have personally used this company.