Annual Public Dahlia Show 2023

100th Year Celebration

“High Tea in 1923” 


98th Annual Show

August 5th & 6th, 2023

Sun Pavilion – Kitsap County Fairgrounds, Silverdale, WA 

Saturday, August 5

                               6:00 am – 10:00 am                                            Entries may be brought to the Sun Pavilion

                               10:00 am                                                               Placement Completed

                                10:15 am                                                               Judges and Clerks Meeting

Judging of the show immediately following the meeting.

                                  1:00 pm                                                               Show Opens to the Public

                                  5:00 pm                                                               Show Closes to the Public


Sunday, August 6

9:00 am – 1:00 pm                                              Tacoma – Trial Garden Judging

10:00 am                                                               Show Opens to the Public

2:00 pm                                                                 Show Closes to the Public

2:00 pm                                                                 “High Tea in 1923” – Served

2:30 pm                                                                 Presentation of Awards

                                4:00 pm                                                                 Takedown – Cleanup

Entries may not be removed until Takedown – Cleanup

Our thanks to Kitsap County Parks and Recreation and individuals who donated their time and made contributions toward making this show a success.



A Birthday Celebration Exhibition … You Are Invited!!


The Kitsap County Dahlia Society was established in 1923.  Since then, year by year, we have been bringing the joy and beauty of the dahlia to residents, garden clubs, county fairs, dahlia societies and our members for 100 Years.


You are cordially and enthusiastically invited to share our “Once in a Lifetime” Dahlia Show and Exhibition. A delightful, colorful event has been prepared. Please come and share your blooms and fellowship.


Our “High Tea in 1923” will be served to all exhibitors at 2:00 PM Sunday at our Awards Luncheon.


Respectfully,     Steve Lamb      Your Maître d’


100th Year Celebration

“High Tea in 1923”



98th Annual Show

August 5th & 6th, 2023

Sun Pavilion, Kitsap County Fairgrounds, Silverdale, WA





Show Committee


Chairperson:                                                                                         Steve Lamb

Facility:                                                                                                 Paul Kusche, KCDS Board

Judges & Clerks:                                                                                  Art Wuerth           

Classification:                                                                                      Any Senior Judge

Hospitality/Information Table:                                                        KCDS Members

Placement:                                                                                            Judges – Place own Section(s)

Publicity:                                                                                               Dan VanNatta

                Awards:                                                                                                 Steve Lamb

                                                                                                                                Penny Armstrong



“High Tea in 1923”

Celebration Theme


Novice – Pink Tags, Amateur – Yellow Tags, Open – White Tags

     Teacup and Saucer Exhibit       Novice               ……………………………………………Class 1923A

Amateur                                                                                        Class 1923B

Open                                                                                              Class 1923C

                                                                         Junior…….……………………………………………..…Class 1923D



Create a small Exhibit not to exceed eight inches in any direction, staged in a Teacup and Saucer. Each exhibit should have a minimum of Three Dahlias, greenery may be used. Teacup Exhibit will be placed on a paper doily and pedestal provided by the Show Committee. Limited to one entry per Exhibitor.


Awards will be given for First, Second, and Third place in all classes.

Best of each Class will be placed on the High Tea Pedestal.



“High Tea in 1923”

Commemorative Sweepstake Competition


In Dahlia Exhibitions long past, sweepstakes were held to encourage Exhibitors to bring as many varied colorful blooms to the Show as possible.  In our tribute to the shows of yesteryear, Kitsap County Dahlia Society is bringing the sweepstakes competition back for our Centennial Celebration. First, Second and Third place awards will be given to Exhibitors in each class with the highest point totals.


Centennial Sweepstakes Classes    Novice                 ……………………………………Class 2023A

          Amateur                                                                             Class 2023B

          Open                                                                                   Class 2023C


Commemorative Sweepstakes Rules and Points


Points awarded to entries in Single and Triple Bloom Classes only. (0001 thru other Micros Horticultural)

(Special Classes, Baskets and Arrangements not considered)

                                                              Each Blue Ribbon……………. 1 point

                                                              Each Best of Type Ribbon……. 1 Point

                                                              Each Section Ribbon ……………. 1 Point

                                                              Each Head Table Ribbon…….. 1 Point

Best in Show Winners…….. …1 Point

 (Fully Double/Single, Fully Double/Triple, Best Disc Center single, Best Disc Center/triple)



“High Tea in 1923”

Special Classes


KCDS CENTENNIAL YEAR FLOWER    “Valley Porcupine”   Single Bloom Entry

Novice                                                                                           Class 2023D

Amateur                                                                                        Class 2023E

Open                                                                                              Class 2023F

KCDS CENTENNIAL YEAR FLOWER     “Sungate’s Clementine”   Single Bloom Entry

Novice                                                                                           Class 2023G

Amateur                                                                                        Class 2023H

Open…                                                                                          Class 2023I

KCDS ORIGINATION                                  Single Bloom Entry   

Novice                                                                                           Class 2023J

Amateur                                                                                        Class 2023K

Open                                                                                              Class 2023L

KCDS ORIGINATION                                  Triple Bloom Entry

Novice                                                                                           Class 2023M

Amateur                                                                                        Class 2023N

Open                                                                                              Class 2023O


ANDY BABB MEMORIAL VASE – (White Tags)                                                                                          Class 2023P


  • For our tribute to Andy Babb, bring mixed vases of dahlias or dahlias and other vegetation that grows in your garden. There will be one judged award for the best vase as well as a drawing from among all entries for 3 cash prizes.  You will receive one chance for each vase entered, to a maximum of 10 entries per person. Please drop Raffle tickets into Container on the vase table


SMITH ORIGINATION MEMORIAL AWARD – (White Tags)                                                         Class 2023Q

                Single entry of any disseminated variety originated by Dave & Leone Smith



                       100TH ANNIVERSARY   BASKET CHALLANGE


                             These are Themed Mixed Baskets Any Size or Type… Open – (White Tags)

                           Yes!     You can Mix Fully Double and Open Centered Blooms,  Bouquets in a basket!



“Centennial” – Incorporating Lavender & Purple or any combination of the two…………….Class 2023R


“1923” – Incorporating the colors of White, Yellow, Red – Any combination of the three……Class 2023S


“KCDS Celebration” – Incorporating Orange &/or Flame or any combination of the two…..Class 2023T










Novice – Pink Tags, Amateur – Yellow Tags, Open – White Tags

DAHLIA OF THE YEAR   “Clearview Jennae”   Single Bloom Entry

                                                            Novice ……………………….……………………………Class 261A

Amateur……………………………………………………Class 261B

Open                                                                                              Class 261C

DAHLIA OF THE YEAR   “Kelsey Annie Joy”   Triple Bloom Entry-only

Novice                                                                                           Class 262A

Amateur                                                                                        Class 262B

Open                                                                                              Class 262C


OPEN TO ALL (Classes 265-279 use White Tags)

         ED REDD MEMORIAL AWARD     Largest Bloom                                                            Class 265                                                                  

         Winner will be chosen from all AA and A Entries.( Single and Triple) Measurement by Caliper    Diameter + Depth

         DICK PORTER MEMORIAL AWARD   Smallest Pompon                                                Class 266

         Winner will be chosen from all Pompon Classes (Single and Triple) Measurement by Caliper     Diameter

        WASHINGTON ORIGINATION    Single Bloom Entry                                                                   Class 267

GROWN EAST OF THE CASCADES    Single Bloom Entry                                                      Class 268

SMALL (BB) DAHLIAS     Three Different Varieties                                                                          Class 269

MEDIUM (B) DAHLIAS   Three Different Varieties                                                                          Class 270

POMPON (P) DAHLIAS   Three Different Varieties                                                                          Class 271

MINIATURE (M) DAHLIAS   Three Different Varieties                                                                  Class 272

WATERLILY (WL) DAHLIAS   Three Different Varieties                                                               Class 273

MIGNON SINGLE/MICRO COLLARETTE DAHLIAS   Three Different Varieties                Class 274

VARIEGATED DAHLIA   Single Bloom entry                                                                         Class 275

BICOLOR DAHLIA    Single Bloom Entry                                                                                Class 276

FLOATING WATERLILY (WL)                                                                                                       Class 277

                Artistic display of a single bloom with less than 2” stem in clear water in a non-footed bowl, no greenery.



PEOPLE’S CHOICE   Single Bloom Entry    No Limit (Voted by the Public)                                    Class 278

Winner decided by the public. Ballots close at 1:30 pm on Sunday.


PUBLIC CLASS                                                                                                                                              Class 279

Open to anyone who has never exhibited dahlias before.

Intended for walk-ins bringing entries not conforming to Federation rules.









Open – White Tags


                                Dahlia – Single bloom                                                                                                        Class 280

                                Dahlias – Multiple bloom                                                                                                   Class 281

                                Dahlia – Gardens                                                                                                                 Class 282

                                Dahlias – w/Kids & Critters                                                                                               Class 283

                                Dahlia – Digital Darkroom                                                                                                 Class 284

                                Dahlia – People’s Choice of a KCDS Origination                                                        Class 285




ELIGIBILITY:  Open to non-commercial photographers.  It is not necessary for the photos to have been taken in 2020-2021, but photos that won prizes in any previous contests are ineligible.

FORMAT:  A dahlia bloom or blooms must dominate the image area.  Only matted color prints may be entered.  Prints must be   5” x 7” on 8” x 10” mats.

ENTRY TAGS:  Use open division (white) tags with the following information filled in:  Section, Class, Photo Title (in NAME blank; does not have to be the name of the variety pictured), exhibitor’s name and number.  Attach entry tags to the back of the mats, hanging below the mat so that the information is readable from the front when viewing the photo.

JUDGING:  Entries will be judged on both a cultural (form, color, etc.) and image (composition, sharpness, etc.) basis.

AWARDS:  Ribbons will be awarded for first, second, and third place in each class.  A prize will be awarded to all first-place winners and to the Best Photo in Show.




                           Reference List for KCDS Originations and Photography Class 285

Chimacum Dahlias (STH-) – David & Leone Smith

Valley Dahlias (STH-) – David & Leone Smith

Seabeck Dahlias (BRT-) – Drew & Wendy Brandt

Sungate’s Dahlias (AND-) – Eric & Janet Anderson

Gold Fever Farm (GFF-) – Penelope Armstrong

Goodrich Dahlias (PLS-) – Mike & Sally Paulus

Agape Field Dahlia Farm (L/P-) – Steve Lamb & Debbie Pavich

Wyoming Dahlias (KNN-) – Loni Kennedy

Mixed Named Dahlias (RD-) – Ed Redd

Mixed Named Dahlias (BAB-) – Andy Babb


                                                 KITSAP COUNTY DAHLIA SOCIETY


Novice – Pink Tags, Amateur – Yellow Tags, Advanced Amateur – White Tags


2023 Theme “Celebration”


Class 301 – “100th ANNIVERSARY” 

An Asian influenced design incorporating water



            A design using two containers



            An exhibit not to exceed 12 inches in any direction


Class 304 – “FIREWORKS”

A VERTICAL arrangement, using GOLD or YELLOW dahlias (Please no real fireworks)                                                                                                        


Representing Kitsap County Dahlia Society’s Centennial Celebration, utilizing WHITE dahlias and GREEN foliage


Class 306 – “OUR GOLDEN YEAR”

The color PURPLE is the most used color to celebrate a 100 year anniversary.  

A HORIZONTAL arrangement, using PURPLE dahlias


Unless otherwise specified, arrangements can have a maximum footprint of 24 inches square.

Please refer to the Federation Guidelines and scorecard for judging arrangements.




                             Directions to the Sun Pavilion – Kitsap County Fairgrounds

From the Bremerton Ferry: Drive off the ferry and enter the tunnel.  After you emerge from the tunnel, turn right onto Warren Avenue.  Continue on Warren Avenue, over the bridge to Fairgrounds Rd. (about 4 miles).  Turn left onto Fairgrounds Rd. and follow it until you get to the Fairgrounds – Turn right at the first driveway. Enter the front of the Sun Pavilion.

From the Kingston/Edmonds Ferry: Continue on Hwy 104 as it turns into Bond Rd. and continue to Hwy 305.  Take a right and continue to the intersection of Hwy 3.  Drive onto Hwy 3, heading south toward Bremerton/Silverdale.  Take exit East Bremerton and stay in the left lanes toward East Bremerton. Take the Central Valley Road Exit and turn left (south) at the stop light at the end of the ramp. Go to the first light (Fairgrounds Rd.) and turn right into first driveway. Enter the front of the Sun Pavilion.

From Tacoma: From Hwy 16, turn onto Hwy 3 toward Silverdale. Take Exit 45B for WA 303 South toward East Bremerton. Take the Central Valley Road Exit and turn left (south) at the stop light at the end of the ramp. Go to the first light (Fairgrounds Rd.) and turn right into the first driveway. Enter the front of the Sun Pavilion.

Form Bainbridge Island/Ferry: Exit the Ferry/Head off the Island via Hwy 305 through Poulsbo to Hwy 3. Take Hwy 3 South to WA 303 (Waaga Way). Take the Central Valley Road NE exit to NW Fairgrounds. Turn right onto NW Fairgrounds Rd. and turn right into the first driveway. Enter the front of the Sun Pavilion.





For more information call:

Steve (805) 450 8597  or

Paul (208) 290 1798