Established in 1923

The Kitsap County Dahlia Society has been holding meetings continuously since its inception in 1923. At that time, the membership dues were fifty cents for adults and twenty-five cents for juniors. In 1925, under the guidance of president Henry Hatfield, KCDS became affiliated with the American Dahlia Society and held its first sanctioned dahlia show. The names of the winning blooms have been lost to time, but according to reporters covering the show for the Bremerton Press, “The show was a riot of color and a wilderness of beauty.”

As in the past, shows hosted by the Kitsap County Dahlia Society (KCDS) still awe the visitors as they gasp at the unbelievable beauty and color presented by the many blooms. Kitsap has hosted the first show of the season in the Pacific Northwest for many years. In August of 2014 the Federation of Northwest Dahlia Growers, which includes KCDS, hosted the 48th annual American Dahlia Society National Show in Tacoma. Every year, the National Show draws growers from all over the world.

 The society has grown annually with the leadership of many members who have served as officers. KCDS has maintained a demonstration/club garden at the Silverdale Post Office since 1990. Recently we added gardens at the West Hills Post Office in Bremerton and at Port Gamble. The gardens provide tubers for our yearly tuber sale, which funds our annual show and other activities.

There have been many Kitsap County Dahlia Society members who are known for their contributions to the dahlia world. The late Andy Babb is known to many for his work with the Trial Garden at Point Defiance Park and for his lasting originations such as Zing. He is honored by presentation of  an annual award in his name at our annual show. Then there is the originator of Hulin’s Carnival, Mr. J. Hulin, who was involved in the society’s early years. Most recently there is the super team of David and Leone Smith. David and Leone are best known for their bloom that has  been grown around the world, Chimacum Topaz.

Everyone in our club has an exciting common interest. We have a lot of fun growing and sharing our knowledge of dahlias. We know you will be an asset to KCDS and we welcome you to the Society!


Help members and community to achieve success with raising, showing, and cultivating dahlias.


Our Vision is to impact the way Dahlia Growers in Kitsap County and the Greater Northwest improve their growing practices and achieve their dream gardens.